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General Information
Wolf Prints publishes stories online at, Follow us on Twitter (@prwolfprints) and Instagram.
Wolf Prints does not accept advertising.
Eligibility Requirements
All PR students are welcome to contribute at ANY TIME during the school year. Participate whenever you can!
Joining Procedures
See Mrs. Bland, teacher-librarian, for more information.
Time Commitment
Students write articles outside of school and submit them for review/editing by sharing them via Google Docs. Articles generally fall into one of the following sections: News, Opinion, Features, Fine Arts, Entertainment, and Sports.

We meet regularly at 7:00 A.M. Tuesday mornings in the Literacy Center (located in the library).  If you can't make the meetings, that's okay - you can still participate. However, it's useful to attend when you can because these meetings allow us to build a team atmosphere where we can generate ideas and give feedback to one another.