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Musical Practice for Thursday, Feb 19th 
by David Jensen
 2/19/2015 12:06 PM

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General Information
The 2015 musical will be Shrek.

Performances will be held on the following dates:

February 27 @7pm

February 28 @1pm & 7pm

March 6 @7pm

March 7 @1pm & 7pm

All performances are in the PRHS Auditorium.

Tickets for these performances can be purchased online at ShowTix4U.com. Tickets can be purchased online beginnning January 27th, 2015 @ 7pm.

All Tickets to the four D155 Musicals will be $10, 1 free to D155 students at their home school with an activity pass, and Sr. Citizens are invited to attend our special performance on Feb 26th @ 1:30pm, free of charge.

A dress rehearsal is held on the morning of February 26 for local middle school students. 

Our FREE performance offered to our community senior citizens will take place on the afternoon of February 26, beginning at 1:30pm, followed by light desserts and a chance to meet the cast and crew of the musical.

Reservations can be made for this free performance and dinner by calling 815-893-5888 any time after January 1st, 2015. Reservations for this performance will be closed 48 hrs prior to the show. 

The musical is directed by Mr. David Jensen, the choir director at PR.  

Eligibility Requirements

At the beginning of the musical season, all students (cast and crew) that are involved in the musical MUST submit the following forms: an audition/tech form, a signed Code of Conduct, and a progress report.  The audition/tech form provides the directors with contact information.  In addition, students are asked to describe their goals for participating in the musical.  These forms are now submitted online, and details will be explained at the 

Musical Info Meeting on Thursday, Oct 16th @ 3pm

A Code of Conduct contract should be signed by both the students and a guardian.  This contract is meant to encourage students to avoid the use of tobacco, alcohol, and drugs and to avoid making poor choices that may alter both their lives and the success of the production.  Finally, all musical participants are expected to be passing four academic majors as well as their PE class throughout the musical season. See the D155 Handbook for full eligibility guidelines.

Joining Procedures

Students may be involved in the musical by auditioning for the cast or volunteering for the crew. 


Students who are interested in being part of the cast are asked to audition in two parts: a monologue and song, and a dance. Both portions will be presented in front of a small panel of faculty members.

Students should select a monologue and a song to work on individually and present.  These auditions are held over two days and students may sign up for a time that works best for them.  During this portion of the audition, the auditioning student will first sing his/her song with a piano accompaniment (provided for them) and then perform his/her monologue.  The dance audition is scheduled on a separate day.  Students may, again, select a time that works best for them.  During this portion of the audition, a group of auditioning students will be taught a dance.  They will then perform this dance in small groups. 

After this audition process, students may be asked to return for a “call back.”  Call backs are meant to provide directors with a second look.  Call backs do NOT guarantee that students have earned a role, nor do they remove students from roles.

Once the cast has been finalized, a CAST LIST will be posted on this website AND on David Jensen’s staff page.  Students in the cast are expected to attend the corresponding rehearsals for their role.


Students who are interested in taking part in the crews should attend the ALL TECH meetings.  These will be held around the same time as auditions.  At these meetings, the various crews will be described.Crews include lights, sound, video, set building, costumes, make-up,properties, publicity.  Students are encouraged to select one crew; some students are able to work on multiple crews, but meetings and responsibilities have a tendency to overlap.  Once students have selected their crew, they are expected to attend the corresponding meetings.


Students who are interested in playing in the orchestra may seek information from Mr. Tim Blakewell, the PR Band Director.
Time Commitment

The musical occurs during the winter season of the school year.  Typically auditions are held during the month of November and performances are in the month of March.  Meetings and rehearsals for cast and/or crew are held after school during December through March.  Dates and times of these meetings and rehearsals are given to students at the beginning of the season.  A calendar of these meetings and rehearsals can be viewed on the right side of this Musical Activities webpage, under the heading "Links" as well as Mr. Jensen's teacher page.

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 Sponsor Contact Info

David Jensendjensen@d155.org
(815)-479-0404 Use SHIFT+ENTER to open the menu (new window).


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