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 Speech Team Information

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General Information
Speech Team is an IHSA activity in which students perform published, self-written, and impromptu materials in competition with other high schools in the region.  It can help students develop their public speaking skills, dramatic and comedic performances, writing, and critical thinking.
Eligibility Requirements
All students are welcome to join up until the first tournament.  After that time, without proper practice or prior experience it would be difficult to compete at a novice level, but not unheard of. 
Joining Procedures

Time Commitment
One 1 1/2 - 2 hour practice sessions a week.  This includes at least one 30 minute practice with a coach after school* Monday through Friday and multiple performances in front of a mirror at home or with friends and family.

Tournaments are held on Saturdays* from early morning to mid afternoon beginning in late October to early November and ending in early February.

*Speech Team can and will work with the Drama department and Music department to meet the needs of other activities and their commitments.

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