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General Information
The Trojan Times is Cary-Grove's newspaper. Its members collaborate to create a monthly newspaper covering topics relevant to students' lives, such as school events and policies, entertainment and sports. The group aspires to give students a realistic journalism experience.
Eligibility Requirements
There are no requirements for joining the Trojan Times; however, to be successful, members should be reliable and able to take initiative.
Joining Procedures
Interested students should speak with Mr. Hester in the English department.
Time Commitment
Members of the Trojan Times can determine their own level of involvement. Students can write anywhere from several stories a month to one every other month, depending on their interest. Editors are expected to attend all weekly meetings. All members are expected to follow through on whatever assignments they take. The highest level of involvement would require approximately 12-15 hours a month.
We meet Tuesdays at 3 p.m. in C19 to brainstorm and assign stories and photo assignments and for members to check in and report their progress on assignments.
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Devin Hesterdhester@d155.org
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