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UPDATE: Code Red Lockdown Practice
Cary-Grove students successfully complete lockdown drill

Dear Cary-Grove Parents:

I sincerely thank you and your students for their participation in today’s code red lockdown drill. As you may have heard from your student, it was a very controlled exercise that allowed us to observe our plan in action so that we can make improvements where necessary. Our students and staff worked diligently to follow code red protocols, and we were able to complete the drill without considerable disruption to the school day.  I was incredibly proud of everyone.

Additionally, the drill provided invaluable practice for our students, staff, administrators, and the Cary Police Department. While I hope an emergency never occurs in our building, I am reassured to know that the school, the students, and first-responders are now more prepared than ever to deal with it.  As always, we are grateful for their assistance.

I am also grateful to all of the parents and community members who reached out to us with feedback—including those in support of how we handled it, those who thought we should have completed a more realistic simulation, and those opposed. While we may not be able to individually respond to each email and we may not have altered our plan in the way that you wanted, we do take every bit of feedback seriously, and we sincerely thank you for sharing your thoughts.

As we told our students during the drill, our goal was not to shock or upset them, but rather to equip them with information that might help save their lives in the future. To that end, we did not have any reported instances of students who were experiencing levels of anxiety. However, we still encourage you to speak with your children tonight about the drill and about what efforts they might be able to take to keep our school safe. Our social workers have prepared the below list of online resources that may help you with this discussion. Additionally, our school social workers, guidance counselors, and school psychologist are available to address any concerns that may arise.

Again, thank you for your feedback and for your children’s maturity as we conducted this important drill.


Jay Sargeant
Cary-Grove High School


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