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The complete board policies are available through the links below.  You may download each policy as a PDF file.  

You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader® software to view these PDF files. The Acrobat Reader® software can be downloaded for free from Adobe's Web site.

Section 1000–Introduction
1000–Introduction as PDF file

Section 2000–Organization of the Board of Education
2100–Philosophy & Objectives as PDF file

2200–Functions of the Board of Education as PDF file
2300–Board of Education Membership & Meetings as PDF file
2400–Advisory Committees to the Board of Education as PDF file

Section 3000–Organization and Administration of School
3100–Superintendent's Duties
as PDF file
3200–Personnel as PDF file
3300–Compensation & Related Benefits as PDF file
3400–Leaves & Absences as PDF file

Section 4000–Students
4100–Enrollment & Attendance Requirements
as PDF file
4200–Discipline as PDF file
4300–Student Progress & Welfare as PDF file

Section 5000–Use of Facilities & Equipment
5100–General Use of Facilities
as PDF file
5200–Use of Facilities by Community High School District 155 Teachers' Association as PDF file
5300–Conditions & Limitations as PDF file

Section 6000–Business Management & Finance
6100–Annual Budget & Tax Levies
as PDF file
6200–Accounting & Payment of Bills as PDF file
6300–Insurance as PDF file
6400–Bids & Contracts as PDF file

Section 7000–General Rules, Regulations, Procedures
7000–General Rules, Regulations, and Procedures
as PDF file
7200–Fundraising and Donor Relations as PDF file


District 155

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