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District 155 Board of Education Members

The Board of Education is a seven-member, elected body tasked with formulating general district policies, employing and advising the superintendent, employing personnel, making specific school decisions, and orienting new members. The board convenes every month in open, public meetings to discuss school and district business and hear citizens' concerns. A schedule of these meetings is posted publicly in advance of these meetings. Along with the agendas and minutes, this schedule is available on the district's Web site. Each board member is elected to a four-year term, for which he or she is not compensated. Board members must reside in Community High School District 155's boundaries.

Ted Wagner

Ted Wagner—President
As president of the Board of Education, Mr. Wagner serves an oversite role on all Board committees.

Dr. Oberg Gary R. Oberg, M.D.—Vice-President
Dr. Gary R. Oberg sits on four Board Committees including Board Policies; Budget, Planning, and Audit; Building and Grounds; and Strategic Planning.
Jim Nelson Jim Nelson
Jim Nelson's responsibilities on the Board include membership on the Budget, Planning, and Audit; Community Relations; and Strategic Planning Committees.
Dave Secrest Dave Secrest
Secrest sits on the Board's Board Policies; Building and Grounds; Curriculum; Strategic Planning; and Transportation Joint Agreement Committees.
Barbara Slusin Barbara Slusin
The Board Policies; Budget, Planning, and Audit; Community Relations; Inter-Governmental Affairs; and Strategic Planning Committees each include Barbara Slusin as a member.
Ann Somers Ann Somers
Ann Somers sits on the Board's Building and Grounds; Curriculum; and Strategic Planning Committees.
Karen Whitman Karen Whitman
Karen Whitman is responsible for work on the Board Policies; Curriculum; S.E.D.O.M.; and Strategic Planning Committees.
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